Eligibility and Funding Guidelines

Projects we are particularly interested in funding are those that:

  • Provide for more efficient utilization of health care resources, promote coordination, cooperation and sharing among organizations and reduce the duplication of health related services in our community
  • Test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques for solving important health care problems
  • Promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement in health care

What we look for in a project:

  • Comprehensive program design
  • Realistic expectations
  • Appropriately trained staff and/or volunteers
  • Financial resources to start and continue the project
  • Capacity to do what the organization says it will do
  • Additional committed funders and/or
  • A proven track record

What we generally fund:

  • New health care projects or initiatives or an expansion of an existing project or initiative
  • Projects that build organizational capacity in order to work more efficiently and effectively
  • Capital campaign projects, including construction, renovation, furnishings and equipment

We generally do not fund:

  • Organizational operations
  • Individuals or salaries
  • Scientific, medical or academic research projects
  • Operational deficits or reduced or lost funding
  • Sectarian activities of religious organizations
  • Scholarships
  • Annual fundraising drives, ceremonies, special or one-time events
  • Public or private schools
  • Endowment funds


We have two grant cycles per year. Grant applications must be emailed by March 1st or September 1st, NO EXCEPTIONS!

To apply for a grant:

  • Applicants must be invited to apply each year prior to submitting their application. Unsolicited applications will be returned.
  • If you have any questions about our grant making process or want to learn more about how we can help you, please contact Gerri Sheehan, Executive Director at (937) 225-9973 or (937) 266-0227 or by email at gsheehan@pcfmv.org

Reporting Requirements:

In order to monitor the progress of our grantees and build greater consistency in how grantees report on their progress and accomplishments, it is requested that you submit a report within a one year time frame. If your entire project has not been completed within one year or the funds have not been totally used, please tender an interim report regarding the status of the project. Your organization will not be eligible for future funding until an interim report or final report has been received, whichever is appropriate. You may access the Program Evaluation – Final Report Requirements [HERE…]